ROC Dumpling House in Playa Vista Is Staffing Up!

21 Jun

Soon our long dark national nightmare will be over. (By national, I mean the Westside. And by the Westside, I mean Playa Vista.) (and by nightmare, I mean the lack of any credible Chinese food.)

Momofuku Hot Take!  David Chang “Announces” LA Project?

8 May

David Chang was on Bill Simmons’ podcast last week and said that he likely had something in the works for Los Angeles! Chang has never seemed in a rush to bring Momofuku to LA, but this is the first time I’ve heard him sound so interested (maybe already committed?) to doing something. I guess before we get dreams of Momofuku kimchi jjigae in our heads, he was vague and non-committal. It’s just as likely that his easier concepts, Fuku or Milk Bar, are the ones he’s thinking of bringing to LA. That’s fine. One step at a time.

Cassia — the Spice Table Is All Grown Up (and has rich friends now)

12 Mar

It was sad day when Bryant Ng’s Spice Table closed.  It was my favorite lunch place in Little Tokyo (and DTLA), and Bryant and his staff were wonderful all around.  That’s why I was excited to hear that Bryant was teaming up like Voltron with Zoe Nathan and the Rustic Canyon/Huckleberry crew.  Apparently, a ton of money was involved, because the new venture, Cassia, is beautiful.

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Intelligentsia at Target — In Related News, Pigs Fly

11 Mar

It may not be the biggest surprise ever at Target, but it’s close. You can now buy Intelligentsia coffee at Target. It’s in the aisle next to the Folger’s and Yuban and Starbucks.

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McDonald’s Breakfast Bowls — Surprisingly Not Bad

9 Mar

Flush from victory from rolling out all-day breakfast, McDonald’s is testing out a new breakfast idea to pull in millennials and change their image.  Breakfast bowls come in egg white & turkey sausage and scrambled egg & chorizo, and cost $4.39 and are currently available in many Southern California MCDs.  I think they’re definitely worth trying.  And, yes, there is kale in it.
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Lord Windsor Roasters in Long Beach

4 Mar

Long Beach has a surprisingly good coffee scene, with Lord Windsor Roasters and Rose Park Roasters leading the charge. It’s worth checking them out if you’re in the neighborhood.

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Lodge Bread — Great Bread, Meh Everything Else

22 Feb

They say that in France a bakery can be great at bread or great at pastries, but not both.  Lodge Bread in Culver City stands as a testament to that principle.

Let’s get this out of the way: Lodge Bread makes a great loaf of bread. A real rival to Clark Street Bread for the title of best loaf in the city (and by that, I mean, best Tartine imitator in LA). I just wish I had gotten my bread and gotten out of there.
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