Jackson Market – for Locals Only

23 May


Which would be a better world? One in which a tiny neighborhood market like the Jackson Market in Culver City made sandwiches that were secretly awesome? Or the world we live in where these places tend to make sandwiches that are only OK?

If there were really a bunch of secret gems, then we’d never find these places and our lives would be poorer. But then we would never know what we never know. Gah! Mind-warp!

Anyways, the Jackson Market is a hidden market and deli in the Carlson Park neighborhood of Culver City near the Sony Studios. It’s tucked among the houses and apartment buildings of Culver City near the “downtown” area. Sony workers line up for sandwiches during lunch and people from the neighborhood wander in for a snack or sundries. It’s kind of a great resource if you live right there and I really wanted it to be fantastic.



The process is you grab an order form and check a bunch of boxes and hand it to someone behind the deli counter. They make your sandwich and you line up to pay after grabbing chips and a Snapple or whatever. The choices are all pretty standard – I got a regular sandwich roll. They have wheat and sourdough sliced bread, Boar’s Head deli meat, and a lineup of standard cheeses. There are no surprises here. I think I got a prosciutto and provolone with sprouts.



One thing they don’t have is a lot of is curated choices. When I go to a sandwich place, I generally want to know what they think they do best. If I like caprese, I don’t want it from a place that has old cheese or the wrong bread. A place could be super not fancy but smoke their own turkey or bake their own rolls and that is the thing to get. I think I’m on the wrong side of this issue seeing as how many people go to Subway. I think most people want their sandwiches exactly how they want them, which is the only reason I can possibly imagine for subjecting yourself to Subway.

Anyways, there isn’t much to report on with this sandwich. It was fine but forgettable. Nothing bad, but pretty much what you would get with stuff you bought at the local megamart. The key ingredient, the bread, was also unexceptional. The prosciutto, fine. The cheese was OK. They put a little oil and balsamic vinegar on it.

It kind of took a few minutes longer than I thought it should – 15 minutes instead of 5. But the workers were pleasant and the feel of the place is welcoming. My sandwich was about $7, so maybe I shouldn’t complain.

There’s also a small patio in the back that is a great place to eat if you can find an open table. It’s enclosed behind a few back yards and feels like you’re at a friend’s barbecue (except for the fact that you’re surrounded by strangers and there’s no barbecue).

4065 Jackson Ave
Culver City


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