Slice Truck – Like Shaved Truffles on Hot Dogs

2 Jul


I had read something comparing the local joint, Slice Truck, to what many New Yorkers say is the best pizza in the world, Di Fara in Brooklyn. So I made a point to stop in, even though I was in the neighborhood to have dinner somewhere else.

I won’t go into the blow by blow. Let me just cut to the chase. This pizza is not good. It’s not terrible – just nothing to be happy about. It also seemed like it was sitting around for a while. The bottom of the crust was pure school cafeteria pizza. The sauce was very plain, maybe Ragu brand. The only thing that seemed like a foodie touch was putting fresh basil and grated Parmesan on top to finish the slice. I should mention that fresh basil may have been grown in a little pot on the counter, just like at Di Fara. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if the little plant at front is just for show and the basil on my pizza was from a can made by Ragu (just kidding).

Anyways, i don’t want to besmirch New York’s reputation for pizza by saying the Slice Truck is a true NYC slice. I’ll let others make that comparison. It’s enough to just say that was my last visit to the Slice Truck.




And finally, the undershot:


2012 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Slice Truck

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