Handsome Coffee – Hipster Apotheosis

16 Oct


Can I be douchebag about coffee? Considering my complete lack of qualifications to talk about food, why not?

Speaking of DBs, is Handsome Coffee a worthy place to start the criticism of the coffee you have in your hand right now?


Handsome opened to much acclaim last year as an “award-winning” barista from Intelligentsia spun off with a couple other Intelligentsia guys. Not being an espresso guy myself, I’ve never understood the obsession with the skill of the person pulling the shots. Apparently, pulling the lever for 2.2 seconds, as opposed to 2.1 seconds, makes a discernible difference.

OK, fine.

The owners (I’m done calling them the Handsome guys) picked the Arts District to open shop. Apparently the rest of the city does not make true art, or the art made in this district needs a marketing boost. Whatever. The formula set out by Wurstkurche is already clear – have a beautiful, airy space with some brick and then charge a lot for carefully curated eats to a bunch of hipsters. Great.


Being a true DB myself, I didn’t mind the 5 minute lecture I got from the manager about why they don’t do pour over coffee, like every other place that shamelessly charges $4 for coffee. They have the non-espresso coffee in an urn, like at a church social. The lecture was about how they use specialized laser sensors to maintain precise levels of heat and maybe acidity. Honestly, it was hard to follow, having flunked out of my master’s program in bioengineering. But the bottom line was that they do it this way to save time and money for the consumer. All without sacrificing taste.

Great. The coffee was poured very fast and I went to pay.



Anyways, the irony of saving money and paying $4 for coffee aside, it was a very good cup of coffee. It had the kind of light body and acidic profile that much of coffeedouche coffee tends to have. I probably prefer more chocolatey notes on my coffee like Blue Bottle 3 Africans, but this was very good. No complaints about quality of the coffee. They roast on-site and you can taste the freshness and roasting skill.

They also have pastries from Proof Bakery (which I didn’t try) and on weekends the Eggslut Truck parks outside (which I didn’t try).

Overall, it was good coffee, at least as good as anything else I’ve had in LA. Certainly better than that crap at LAmill (ha! There’s the fooddouche moment you were waiting for!).


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