Men Oh Ramen – Update: Now with Tonkatsu!

29 Oct


Tried to get in on Shin Sen Gumi’s first anniversary $3 ramen sale, but not surprisingly was cheapskate-blocked by the hordes. Oh well, gave me an excuse to go back to Men Oh to give them a second look. They now have tonkatsu broth ramen.

Having tried the unique Tokushima ramen, I opted for the Hakata style tonkatsu ramen. This was a more apples-to-apples comparison with SSG and Daikokuya, since those places serve a traditional tonkatsu broth. While still very good, I think Men Oh comes in last. The broth is nice, just a little weak and not quite salty enough. My complaint about the Tokushima was that it was too flavorful and salty, so maybe I’m just looking for the third bear’s bed. But while I wanted a little more here, at the end my mouth wasn’t reeling from the salt bomb that sometimes tonkatsu ramen can taste like.

The ramen accompaniments were still excellent. The chashu was really great, blowing away SSG and Daikokuya. No funny bulgogi in this ramen. The egg was a tiny bit cooked more than last time, but still expertly prepared (are they using an immersion circulator?).

So I don’t want to overplay my complaint about the broth. It is still a toss-up with SSG and Daikokuya and still a mile above the other local places (why on earth do people still go to Orochon?). If nothing else, this should be the go-to lunch spot when the wait list at Sushi Gen is too long.


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