Funnel Mill Rare Coffees – Taking Douchery to New Heights

1 Nov


What is “rare” coffee? Apparently, making a drink from beans that were pooped out of an animal makes it “rare” and “good.” I wasn’t ready for fecal coffee just yet. But would I get a serious cup from Funnel Mill?


Funnel Mill in Santa Monica (near Bay Cities Deli) is one of the most self-serious coffee purveyors in LA. They haven’t caught the public’s attention like Chicago’s Intelligentsia or our very own Handsome Coffee. But they have a dedicated following of pure coffeedouches who don’t mind paying $24-$110 per pound for beans.

No pourovers here, everything comes off the siphon press for hot coffee or from Kyoto drippers for iced coffee. I got the Ethiopian Harrar from the siphon. It’s served with a smaller glass of water so you can flush your palette periodically.


The coffee was really piping hot when it was served. They tell you to sip at different times to appreciate how the flavor changes as it cools down. In super hot mode, I found the coffee a little too acidic and delicate. But as it cooled, the chocolatey body of the coffee really came out. I thought it was really good.


The cafe is a surprisingly welcome space for hanging out. It’s pretty quiet with some students on their laptops. The guy at the counter helped me pick a coffee. He took my basic description of what I like and recommended the Ethiopian – pretty good job.


I was confused by the website’s description of what I thought was a coffee flight: “If you’re not sure which coffee to try, you can sample four of our daily Estate for $15.00. We’ll educate you on their unique characteristics, and help you choose a favorite!”. The guy at the counter looked at me like I was crazy as I tried to get him to give me a flight or tasting of coffee for $15. After my attempts to get him to understand what I was talking about, he said, oh you have to reserve ahead of time and it takes two hours.

Oh. Maybe next time.


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