Bay Cities Italian Deli – Not the Godmother, the Torta

2 Nov


Having known and loved the famous Godmother at Bay Cities, I’ve always wanted to take a chance on one of their other sandwiches. I decided to take a flyer on the torta, a sandwich that looks nothing like a Mexican torta, but was almost twice as expensive as a Godmother. Would this open up a whole new vista at Bay Cities for me?

I was talked into the switch by talking to the guy in the middle counter. The main counter is the scene of the scrum you’re used to (why on earth do people take a number and wait 20 minutes to order a Godmother when they always have them premade and ready to go?). The right counter is where you can get Italian favorites like meatballs and eggplant parm. I had never really taken notice of the middle counter, always just trying to get my Godmother and get the heck out of there. This is where you get the good mac and cheese (twice the price and four times as good as the reg mac and cheese in the right counter), as well as some other specialities. He promised me that this torta was better than the regular Godmother. And it should be considering my half sandwich was $7.75 and the whole was almost $14.


You can see it’s on the same awesome Italian roll as the original, which is the not-so-secret weapon. Instead of assorted mystery Italian salamis, it has sliced chicken and ham. It still has the same Italian dressing but also has this bright green pesto sauce.

In a world without the Godmother this would be a great sandwich. Maybe it would rule over this Bizarro Los Angeles – I don’t know. But in our reality, we still have the Godmother and I will never choose this torta over it. Eating this sandwich highlights what a miracle the Godmother is – a mishmash of really intense flavors jammed together on the pillowy/chewy awesomeness of that roll. It’s that riotous combo of intensity that makes it so great. The torta also has strong flavors, but they don’t quite come together in the same way. I couldn’t quite “get” the pesto-Italian dressing combo.

Oh well. I did get the upgraded mac and cheese, however, and it was really awesome. Next time, I’m getting the Godmother with a side of the good mac and cheese.


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