Tsujita Update – Ramen Slipping?

14 Nov


Took advantage of the holiday to sneak over to Tsujita to revisit the awesomeness that is their ramen and tsukemen.. For the first time, I walked away with a criticism.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still great. The tsukemen is still the most delicious dish in LA right now. But I have also been having a love affair with the ramen. So I often order the ramen and then steal bites of the tsukemen from others.

Yesterday, the ramen was *gasp* a little salty. It was still delicious – porky, noodles were perfectly cooked, the chashu was still the best by a mile. I was just taken aback by how salty the broth was.

Of course, I still ate either whole bowl, so take this with a grain of . . . Well.


Also, I tried to take a picture of the line outside. We were seated right at 11, having arrived early to make sure. When they opened the whole place was full, including the outdoor tables. By 11:15, there were at least 15 people outside waiting.


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