Starbucks Morning Bun – a Not Terrible Starbucks Pastry

15 Nov


I had a morning bun at Starbucks finally. I had seen it the last few times I’ve been to Starbucks but had refrained because of the inevitable feelings of disappointment that follow each bite of Starbucks baked goods. But hey, this was not bad . . .

[* stupid WordPress app has been truncating my posts. Grr. . .*]

[* for the 2nd time!*]

Morning buns are a staple of Bay Area bakeries. For some reason, they are not so common elsewhere. What’s not to like? It’s something of a cross between a croissant and a cinnamon roll. Done right, it’s the perfect combo of sweet but not too sweet and buttery and flaky.

Probably the most famous one is the gem from Tartine in the Mission District, San Francisco. It’s deservedly well-loved. My favorite is the more croissanty version at La Farine in Oakland. Flakier and less gooey than the Tartine version, it pulls apart like a croissant.

So I was primed for disappointment when I bought this one at Starbucks. Starbucks is a master at tempting you with delicious looking baked treats, only to have them make you sad in the mouth (I’m looking at you, cake pops and mini doughnuts!). But this morning bun was not bad. It was not very flaky and didn’t have that congealed crust of carmelized sugar that Tartine’s has. But the flavor was pretty good and it was not overly sweet!


Approach with modest expectations. If you’ve had the real thing in the Bay Area, this is going to pale in comparison. But I’d put this on the level of the morning bun that Semifreddo’s inflicts on mom and pop coffee shops all over the East Bay. Hmm . . . I guess that’s not exactly a rousing endorsement.

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