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This Is What Bringing Ten Filet O’Fishes to a Potluck Looks Like

19 Nov



Starbucks Morning Bun – a Not Terrible Starbucks Pastry

15 Nov


I had a morning bun at Starbucks finally. I had seen it the last few times I’ve been to Starbucks but had refrained because of the inevitable feelings of disappointment that follow each bite of Starbucks baked goods. But hey, this was not bad . . .

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Tsujita Update – Ramen Slipping?

14 Nov


Took advantage of the holiday to sneak over to Tsujita to revisit the awesomeness that is their ramen and tsukemen.. For the first time, I walked away with a criticism.
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What’s a Fooddouche? – This Is a Pretty Good Example

8 Nov

How do you define a fooddouche? Saw this comment on a post on Eater. This guy shows what it means better than I could explain:

“I agree. Anything SBE is crap for tourists and orange county people. No offense to the OC.”

RedFarm – Chinese Jewish Noshing in the Village

7 Nov


Would it be this week’s sign of the apocalypse to go to a Chinese-Jewish deli fusion hipster joint in the Village in NYC?

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Blue Bottle Coffee – Cupping with Coffeedouches

6 Nov


A visit to the mother ship of third wave douchey coffee, the Webster Street roastery of Blue Bottle Coffee in Oakland for one of their twice-weekly cuppings.

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Sodas and Ping Pong

3 Nov


Some algorithm or dimwit MBA must have determined that ping pong balls would be a tempting impulse buy for Diet Coke shoppers.