Blockheads – Taiwanese Shaved Ice!

7 Dec

The only adults who get excited at the thought of shaved ice are Asian (or shave ice, in the case of Hawaiians). Joining the Epicenter of the LA Food Scene™ (the corner of Sawtelle and Mississippi), Blockheads has taken the Sawtelle dessert scene by storm.

Technically, what Blockheads serves is “snow ice” – ice made with condensed milk and flavoring to make a creamy, delicious thing. You can see below how there is a a different consistency to the ice, coming out in ribbons and having a fineness that feels like freshly fallen snow. This is achieved by using Japanese ice shavers, like they do at the better Hawaiian places like Waiola. So forget that crap that came out of your Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine – that icy, rocky mess has nothing to do with this.

Blockheads shaves five or six flavors – green tea (pictured here), black sesame, peanut butter, strawberry, and a seasonal flavor. Then you can get toppings. Honestly, it would be a great dessert with nothing on it, but I like getting sweetened condensed milk.

They have a bunch of toppings that you’re familiar with from your frozen yogurt place, including unimaginative lame stuff like crushed Oreos. The revelation is fresh rice balls that are housemade. If you’ve never had fresh mochi, you’re missing out. It adds great texture to the dish and balances out the sweetness.


The only drawback is that all of the UCLA undergrad population is in line right now. Oh well.

Blockheads Shavery Co.
11311 Mississippi Ave., Los Angeles, (310) 445-8725,


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