Bread Lounge – Kouign Amann for Hipsters

10 Dec

A newly open to the public operation, Bread Lounge brings serious pastry and breads to the Arts District. They’ve been supplying bread to the likes of Church and State and underground supper club Wolvesmouth for a while but have just opened the front to the public and introduced pastries, coffee, and sandwiches.

Here’s the Kouign Amann and the pain au chocolate.

The KA is delicate and very croissant-like. Flaky, buttery, and much less sweet than Allen Bakery’s version. No caramelization, but airy. Delicious.

This chocolate croissant is classic. You can see how light and airy it is, with seemingly thousands of layers birthed from butter. I give you the side view because it is a bit disappointing with two very small streaks of dark chocolate. Many chocolate croissants, including the ones in Paris, are like this, so maybe this is an unfair criticism. But I think it would be improved by more chocolate.

You can see they are a full-service patisserie and boulangerie. I’m looking forward to eating through their array of offerings.


Here’s the bakery visible through a window.

The space is a bit narrow and doesn’t have much room to hang out inside.

Here’s the lovely little garden seating area out back.

Here’s the non-descript storefront. Go around the corner for the secret parking lot out back.

One funny thing is that when I asked them what kind of coffee they serve the clerk said, “it’s a secret.” Hmm . . . I didn’t try it this time, but maybe I’ll report back if it’s worthwhile.


Bread Lounge
700 S. Santa Fe Ave., Los Angeles, CA

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