Ma Peche – NYC Midtown Momofuku Lunch

11 Dec

On the occasion of J recreating a dish we had in NYC the last time we were there, I decided to post about the lunch we had at Ma Peche, David Chang’s midtown Momofuku spinoff.

Ma Peche is hard to describe. What makes it distinct from the Momofukus? It’s not in the East Village and at dinner the menu reads at first glance like a regular restaurant with apps, proteins, dessert. Lunch is half a takeoff from the regular Momofuku classics – the famous pork bun, ramen but done with duck not pork.

This is the duck ramen. It’s interesting, good even. The problem is I’ve had the classic Momofuku ramen, and this is not as good (read: fatty). It’s an interesting change of pace, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’ve only got one meal in NYC.

That first shot up above was their rice cake dish, which is their take on Korean dukboki. Except this was made with a tofu emulsion, edamame, and these wonderful Japanese mushrooms. It was really great, like no dukboki I’ve ever had. I saw the dish is still on the menu, but done with different ingredients.

J decided to take a stab at this dish at home. She put tofu in a blender with a little gochujang to create the sauce. Stir fried with edamame and mushrooms. It was pretty good. Not exactly like the Ma Peche version, but worth trying again.

We’ll see if I ever get up the courage to try making the Momofuku ramen at home.

located in chambers hotel
15 w. 56th street
btwn 5th + 6th ave.
new york, ny 10019

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