Mr. Pizza – Strange Things Afoot on My Pizza

12 Dec

Almost a year old, Mr. Pizza is part of a couple interesting intersecting trends in Little Tokyo. Will the masses start lining up for Korean pizza?

Mr. Pizza is a chain of pizzerias in Korea that is known for what most of us would consider strange toppings. JGold reviewed the K-town location a while ago, and had the spot-on observation that it was pizza made by someone who had never bothered to visit Italy or the U.S.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t worth eating.

The pizza above is the Potato Gold, their most popular monstrosity creation. It would be a pretty normal pizza, except for the canned corn and sour cream. Oh, and the crust is filled with “sweet potato mousse.” otherwise, it has a bunch of toppings that aren’t super strange, but that i don’t tend to pick: onion, ground beef, mushrooms, potatoes, bacon.

How willing you are to try a sweet potato mousse filled crust will determine how you feel about Mr. Pizza. It’s not inherently weird – it’s only weird because we have pretty fixed ideas about what belongs on a pizza. I wouldn’t even call these particularly “Korean” flavors – they are just a bunch of things someone who grew up on Pizza Hut cardboard wouldn’t think of choosing.

Anyways, it’s not bad. The sweetness of the corn and the sweet potato are unique, but not overpowering. It fills you with the thought, “Huh. Interesting.” Not bad, not good. Interesting.

It reminded me most of the unique taste of Strawberry Cones, a Japanese chain that had the weirdest pizza experience I’ve had. It was located in the Little Tokyo Galleria indoor mall, in a kiosk in front of the Beard Papa. The kiosk had plastic models of their weird pizza. You’d ring the bell, someone from Beard Papa would come out and take your order, and then your pizza would be “made” in the Beard Papa store. By “made” I mean taken out of a freezer and reheated. I wish I had photos of this now-defunct outpost of the coming apocalypse. But when I went, I went whole hog: got the Ninja crust with mochi, nori, mayo, cheese. The Ninja crust was black from charcoal. Again, none of these ingredients are inherently inedible; they just seem like someone on bath salts put them on your pizza.


Anyways, Mr. Pizza does hand toss their dough and sticks it in a super hot oven, a la 800 Degrees. it’s all pretty fresh and worth a try. If you’re chicken, you can get boring regular pizzas without the mousse. But then you’re too boring for this FD’s blog.

Oh, and they have a good weekday lunch special: $7 for a mini pizza (boring regular with one topping), a small garden salad, and a soft drink.

Mr. Pizza
350 E 1st St, Los Angeles 90012
(Btwn S Central Ave & S San Pedro St)
Phone: (213) 625-0077


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