Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches – the Triumph of Marketing

14 Dec

Coolhaus has quickly expanded their brand nationally (NYC, Austin, Dallas, and Miami) and locally. Considering they launched from a food truck just 3 years ago and now have two brick and mortar shops, it’s amazing.

Here’s their Culver City storefront. They drip Blue Bottle coffee. They sell cute little ice cream sandwiches. They have a fun architecture motif. Their servers are ridiculous hipsters. What’s not to love?


Well, their cookies, for one. They are just not good. They are fun flavors, like red velvet, brownie with sea salt, and hot cake. I would just probably not buy them on their own. Not that they are terrible. They’re just no better than what you could do at home.

Oh, and the ice cream is only OK. Again, super fun flavors: dirty mint, chicken ‘n’ waffles, red velvet, and this week’s sign of the apocalypse, chocolate chipotle BBQ with Jack Daniels. And unlike the cookies, I’d pay for this ice cream. It’s just not great. It’s fine. Not great.

Coolhaus is OK. You’ll go and get some fun combo and it will be a neat experience. My complaint after a dozen of these is that Coolhaus is all zeitgeist, no ice cream making expertise. It’s more like an interesting museum of hipster food trends. That’s OK, but I’d rather have Sweet Rose.

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