Snackdouche – Doritos Late Night – Buffalo Wings flavor

28 Dec

If you’ve traveled abroad and shopped at the local grocery for American/foreign snacks, then this new Snackdouche feature is for you.

The setting: Taipei
The store: Wellcome [sic] in the Tien Mou district
The snack: Doritos “Late Night” – Buffalo Wings Flavor

Why are they shaped like lightning bolts? Good question. Because wandering the streets of Taipei during the “Late Night” is like lightning, man. Because flavor can hit you like a thunderbolt.

They definitely are Doritos, with that corn chip base flavor you young’uns don’t remember because you became sentient in a post-George Foreman nacho cheesier world. Doritos used to taste vaguely of corn before Foreman flexed his marketing muscles to make Doritos cheesier in a 90s-XXXXXtreme way. It’s nice to have the corn flavor here, as it reminds you that you’re eating a veguely American product.

The taste of these is pretty good, not exactly buffalo wings, but a combo of BBQ chicken flavor with some spicy and creamy notes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this do OK in America. Strange that Frito Lay markets these in Taiwan, a place where people don’t really eat buffalo wings.


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