Snackdouche – Lay’s Swiss Cheese and something else like seaweed Funyuns

30 Dec

Part Two of our Snackdouche: Taiwan edition feature.

The setting: Taipei
The store: Wellcome [sic] in the Tien Mou district
The snacks: Lay’s Potato Chips, Swiss Cheese flavor; some indecipherable Taiwanese name snack which is “Fiery Seaweed” flavor

The Lay’s chips are fine, nothing too interesting. The texture and crispiness is the same as regular ol’ Lay’s in the U.S. The Swiss cheese flavor is not noticeably different from regular cheese flavor. Nothing particularly Asian about this.
The fiery seaweed flavor chips, however, are a bit more interesting. Texture-wise, they are kind of a cross between a Funyun and Fritos. Taste-wise, they have an umistakeably artificial seaweed flavor, familiar to Asian-snack connoisseurs. Unfortunately, there’s no real fieriness in these chips, which would really benefit from some spiciness.

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