Chun Sui Tang – the Mother Boba

31 Dec

Chun Sui Tang is reportedly the inventor of boba milk tea. While this has a high likelihood of being apocryphal, or at least disputed, I’m just about ready to declare this the best boba ever.

It’s at least the most expensive boba ever. That much is not in dispute.

[* Note: Apologies for some blurry photos here. No excuses, just lack of skill.]

As you can see, Chun Sui Tang is not your average boba shop for teens. It’s actually a sitdown restaurant with a menu of real food (“real food” as opposed to microwaved popcorn chicken and thick toast, like you see in most boba shops).

The branch we visited is next to Taipei 101 in the Xinyi district of Taipei. Located in the Shinkong Mitsukoshi mall, the setting for this Chun Sui Tang is beautiful.


Anyways, what matters here is the boba. CST offers a full lineup of tea drinks, shaken to order. I enjoy their milk tea with wheat germ and boba.

We didn’t sit down for a meal, instead ordering a drink to go. While I’m sure it’s really nice to sit down for a drink at this location, you may want to take it to go once you hear that a large wheat germ milk tea boba is 195 NT ($6) if you sit and about 125 NT ($4) if you take it away.
The boba are really great. Cooked well, but not overcooked, so they are soft but still chewy. They are slightly sweetened, meaning they took the care to add sugar while they boiled the boba, like Smiling Face does.

The tea is really great, a nice blend of creaminess and real tea flavor. I’d say the tea is not as pronounced as it is at Half & Half Tea House, but you can still taste the quality here. They take the milk and froth it with the frothing wand on the espresso machine, giving a nice almost-effervescence to the drink. The wheat germ turns out to be a revelation. It adds a crunchy texture and a nutty taste to the drink, which is nice counterpoint to the sweet and chewy boba. I don’t know why other shops don’t offer wheat germ.

Anyways, I haven’t seen a boba milk tea in Taiwan yet that cost more than 50 NT ($1.75), so CST is priced way out of the norm. But I still think it’s worth it for the unique wheat germ offering and the excellence of the tea and boba.

Chun Sui Tang
Shinkong Mitsukoshi Mall, A9 bldg. B2
No.9, Songshou Rd
Taipei (XinYi district)



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