Snackdouche – McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie

2 Jan

Why would any self-respecting fooddouche waste valuable eating space visiting an American chain in Taiwan? Especially McDonald’s? Deep fried apple pies, that’s why!

If you’re younger than Gen X, you may not realize that McDonald’s used to deep fry their apple pies with love. But they switched to the current baked pies in 1992, amid concerns about healthfulness and perhaps lawsuits claiming the pies were too hot. But many people still long for the deliciousness of flaky, gooey fried pies.

Count this fooddouche among that number.

Whenever I’m in another country I try to see if the local McDonald’s has resisted the encroaching dictates of modern science and continues to serve artery-clogging goodness in pie form. And thanks to the dynamics behind the Big Mac Index, I always know it will cost between 50 cents and a dollar.

In Taiwan, the pies cost 25 NT – just under a dollar.

Just look at that bubbly, flaky crust. I would definitely pay $3 for that at my local McDonald’s.

The inside is the same canned pie filling you expect in an American version. Piping hot, it’s pretty awesome.

The McDonald’s branches in Taiwan are not localized much, serving almost the exact same menu as in the U.S. one funny little quirk is that they serve whole apples alongside the bagged apple slices we have in the U.S. 30 NT (just over a dollar) is pretty steep in Taiwan, so I wonder if no one ever buys these sad apples.



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