Shilin Night Market – Part 2

5 Jan

Part One of my trip to the Shilin Night Market is here.

Part Two covers what we ate.

We started at a stall famous for shen jien bao, pan-fried pork buns. SJBs are one of my favorite things to eat, and this stall draws a crowd.

Here’s the beautiful SJB. They offer them in both pork and veggie versions, for 25 NT (about 80 cents) each. They are juicy inside, and the skin is thick and bready. I wanted to buy ten of them and just call it a night, but my obligation to you, dear reader, drove me on.

Just kidding. I was dying to go back to Hot Star, the fried chicken cutlet stall.
This might be the single most popular stall in the market. The guy in the blue Hot Star t-shirt above guided people into a snaking queue of about 30 people.

It’s really quite an incredible operation, with about six employees serving at least two or three people per minute. The line moves pretty quickly.

They cost 55 NT each (about $2). They’ll ask you if you want the spicy sprinkled stuff at the end. You want it. A lot of it.

If you’ve been to boba places, many of them sell a kind of “popcorn chicken.” The Hot Star chicken is like a giant piece of popcorn chicken (with bones).

Here’s the whole chicken with a hand for size comparison. It’s a great deal.

We ended the night at the shaved ice place in the basement food court.

A similar stall is where I first had Taiwan’s unique take on shaved ice. Just like at Blockheads, the flavor is mixed with sweetened condensed milk before it is frozen into a block and then shaved to order into a fine snow.

We got the peanut flavor with chocolate sauce. This version was pretty good, not great. Not as good as Blockheads or the ones I had at the night market before.

We weren’t super adventurous this time, as we had had a big lunch that day. Just enjoying a few night market favorites and a stroll through the spectacle.

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