Proof Bakery at Handsome Coffee

9 Jan

While getting Guerilla Tacos at Handsome Coffee the other day, I couldn’t pass up a pain au chocolat from Proof Bakery.

I had heard that Proof is the real deal but haven’t braved the weekend lines at their location in Atwater Village. I asked the Handsome guys (geez, their stupid name made me say that) how they managed fresh pastries from Proof every day. They said one of them picks them up every day on the way in.

OK, Handsome’s dedication aside, how would Proof’s croissant hold up?

Look at that thing. This is serious French pastry. The crazy layers upon layers are the work of serious skill (and tons of butter). Biting into it is experiencing an almost ridiculous level of flakiness. And the chocolate is legit, too – wonderfully dark and sparse. I wanted more chocolate, but that’s my American-ness talking. Real Parisian pain au chocolat usually involves a more discreet dab of chocolate than I prefer.

It’s hard to think of a better chocolate croissant in LA.


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