Tomb of the Unknown Japanese Restaurant in Tienmu

16 Jan

Like an idiot, I didn’t write down the English name of this wonderful Japanese restaurant we went to in the Tienmu neighborhood of Taipei. If you can read the business card below, let me know and I’ll update this post. It would be a service to mankind because this was an incredible kaiseki meal that cost about $25 each all in.

The meal started off with this beautiful uni and rice starter.

You mix it together and it becomes this wonderfully rich, marine taste. The sushi rice gives a nice vinegar touch. The fish roe also provided juicy, salty pops. It was all beautifully balanced with the scallions and thinly sliced nori.

This dish was probably the highlight and one of the dishes from the whole trip I still think about.

Next came the sashimi plate. There were seven of us, which explains why the plate is so big. Notify to say other than to say the sashimi was awesome. One interesting note is that I don’t usually like the sweet raw shrimp, but these were huge and very sweet.

This is the plate of yellowtail collars. If you don’t know that the collar is one of the tastiest parts of a fish, you’re doing it wrong.








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