The Park’s Finest BBQ Revisited

18 Jan


A quick update to my post on the Park’s Finest BBQ.

We went back and got a bunch of stuff for takeout. Some highs and, surprisingly, some lows.

Revisited highs:
– the cornbread is still the highlight. Coconut milk and cornbread – one of the fusion dishes of the year (2012)!
– coconut beef is awesome still.
– vinegar sauce makes everything better.

A new awesomeness is the elote. I was expecting a corn on the cob, as I’m used to getting from East LA pushcart vendors. It’s served off the cob and mixed with mayo, Parmesan cheese, and some chile.

The disappointments were the ribs and the chicken. The chicken, which I had before, was pretty ordinary. The skin was soft and not charred. Not particularly flavorful, either.

I was really looking forward to the ribs, which are not included in the Wednesday Workers’ Lunch. The problem is that the ribs are a bit dry. They are also not particularly flavorful, so you have to use the BBQ sauce and vinegar.

Anyways, they are still a great place. Great friendliness and neighborhood feel. And you get to take a quick post lunch stroll up to Angeleno Heights to see the Victorian homes. Just stick to the coconutty dishes, not the straight up BBQ.


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