L.A. Chicken – Tastes Like Lexus!

23 Jan

Never has the combination of an exclamation point and a question mark been so appropriately combined as they are on this sign for L.A. Chicken that announces, “La Chicken . . . Where the chickens taste like Lexus!?”

I know I might be wrong about the name and L.A. Chicken might be La Chicken. But this place is run by three nice Japanese ladies, so I’m going with L.A.

Some co-workers had noticed this ridiculous sign at a chicken place saying that the food tastes like Lexus. I took that as basically a hand-written invitation to me, so made my way down to see if they really could make their food taste like a Japanese luxury car.

This is their basic chicken bowl – bed of rice, some pickled ginger, one broccoli floret, and some Lexus chicken. Really, a good portion of Lexus chicken. For less than $5. That’s right, $4.49 plus tax.

It’s surprisingly tasty. The chicken has a nice crispiness on the skin, although it makes the chicken just a bit dry. But the flavor on the chicken is really good, some apparently secret blend of spices and sauces. Maybe a little citrus, a touch of rice vinegar.

I really like having the ginger as a complement. Strangely some of the chicken is left on the bone, while some is served boneless.

All in all, it’s a heck of a deal for less than $5, easily one of the better deals in an area full of cheap eats. They also serve the Lexus chicken in burrito and taco form.

It might be a really downmarket take on Kogi’s fusion tacos, but until Roy sends a truck to Little Tokyo I’m happy to put this chicken in the lunch rotation.


LA Chicken
228 E 1st St, L.A.,
(213) 808-1013

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