Demitasse Update – Pain au Chocolat and Samo

31 Jan

Word out of Cafe Demitasse in Little Tokyo is that they will open a second location in Santa Monica! The third wave coffee revolution continues to spread across LA, saving citizens from the clutches of Starbucks.

I asked Bobby, the owner, how things were progressing with the new cafe. He said it would probably open in March or April.

I took the opportunity to try a different pastry at Demitasse ( meaning they were out of kouign amanns). Here’s the chocolate croissant. Can you tell it looks a little weird? Whatever I was eating, it was not a chocolate croissant.

This thing tasted overtly of butter. I know that’s a weird thing to say about a pastry whose whole essence is butter. But this thing is weird in that the butter taste is overwhelming. Worse yet, the thing is dense and chewy, like good bread, just not like a good croissant. Oh, the only somewhat accurate thing was the thing I dislike about real pain au chocolat — very little chocolate.

It’s not that this thing wasn’t tasty. If you had sold it as chewy butter bread, then fine. It’s just that calling it a chocolate croissant creates expectations.

Oh well. Allen Bakery, I still love you for the kouign amann.


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