Starbucks Screws Up Another Pastry – Morning Bun Update

1 Feb

After very mildly raving about a pastry at Starbucks that stood out from the pastry case by not being terrible, I come, hat in hand, to apologize to my ones of readers to deliver the bad news — EVERYTHING IN THE STARBUCKS PASTRY CASE IS STILL TERRIBLE.

The last time I had the morning bun at Starbucks, it was surprisingly decent. Not great, maybe a little flawed, but I could actually tell it was a morning bun and it didn’t make me regret buying it. There is a spectrum of variation among morning buns, from the croissant-y flaky awesomeness of Oakland’s La Farine to the gooey, caramel-y awesomeness of SF’s Tartine. So there is at least some room for differences.

But not this.

Here’s the bottom.

Why did I show you this bun’s buns? Because it shows the absolute lack of caramelization. There’s no deep flavor here.

OK, fine. We can’t all be Tartine.

The real crime is seen here:

No flakiness at all to this thing. It had no layering to it, just being bread-like. And stale. They should have just said, “stale cinnamon bun – $1.95.”

If you insist on getting your terrible coffee at Starbucks, stick to a banana or the oatmeal.


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