Purgatory Pizza – A Quirky Neighborhood Pizza Joint

8 Feb

Purgatory Pizza is an interesting neighborhood joint which has managed to fly under the radar despite LA’s nascent pizza boom(let). Punk rock aesthetic, situated across from the projects in Boyle Heights, loved by vegans apparently. There’s a lot going on here.

Located at the Pico metro stop on the Gold Line, just above the Arts District, east of Little Tokyo, Purgatory is accessible but easy to miss. The space has a hand-drawn look, with bits of poetry. I went during lunch and the place was pretty deserted and sleepy.

I probably should have ordered a vegan slice to judge the uniqueness of the place, but I was in the mood for a calzone.

The calzone was fine. It was baked to order and as you can see was nicely cooked up.

Inside, were sausage, jalapeños, mozzarella, and red sauce. The jalapeños were the canned, sliced variety, but added a slightly interesting punch. The rest of the ingredients were pretty standard. The cheese, like at most run-of-the-mill pizza places, was too much and kind of boring.

All in all, it was just fine. At about $8 it was an average price, and other than the jalapeños it was pretty much the same calzone you’ll get at any neighborhood pizza joint. It certainly wasn’t a bad experience, but unless you’re a vegan I’d recommend going to Xlixe instead.

Purgatory Pizza
1326 E 1st St,
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Purgatory Pizza

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