Simply Salad – Let the Court Staff Eat Salad!

11 Feb

Simply Salad just opened its second location in downtown LA, bringing a quick, fast, light lunch to an area heavy on good food but light on this kind of thing. Across the street from Pete’s Bar and Grill, home of a decadent blue cheese mac and cheese and a frequent lunch spot for police chief Charlie Beck, and near Baco Mercat, Bar Ama, Blossom, and Big Man Bakes. There’s a lot of good stuff there, but not a lot for those still sticking out new year’s resolutions.

This is a great and simple salad place. It’s not like they are going to make the best salad you’ve ever had, but they are going to use fresh ingredients, take $10 from you, and get you out the door in 5-10 minutes. I recommend taking a look at the menu before you go because you’ll hold up the line trying to read the small print on the menu board.

There are about a dozen signature salads, ranging from $7-$11. You can choose to get any of them as a wrap for about a buck less. You can also build your own salad from among 6 different greens mixes, dozens of other ingredients, and over a dozen dressings. You can get out with a respectable custom salad for $6, but you may want to spring for some premium ingredients, like hearts of palm and seared ahi tuna.

The place is a model of efficiency that Henry Ford would be proud of. Or I should say, Jared from Subway, because that is what the assembly line resembles with squeeze bottles and food service bins full of ready to go ingredients. The big change is that they chop everything with this awesome curved double blade. It’s similar to an Alaskan ulu, and it’s cool to see them blast your salad into little bits. Then they throw it into a bowl and dress it.

I (ironically) ordered the Hipster salad ($9.50), a blend of romaine, grilled chicken, dried cherries, candied walnuts, goat cheese, celery, and sliced Granny Smith apples. I got the pomegranate vinaigrette dressing — they’ll ask if you want it light, medium, or heavy. Then they serve it with a small corner of pita bread.

It was really good. The apple was not pre-sliced, they sliced it from a whole apple to order. Everything was fresh, and together it was a great balance of ingredients.

I also really appreciated how everything was so well thought out. The plastic bowl, which Mendocino Farms also uses, is just the right size. The ordering process is quick, and everything is laid out so you are asked about your dressing at the right time. From the time I ordered to when it was in the bowl and at the register was about two minutes.

Simply Salad was great. There aren’t a lot of good salads in the area, so this is welcome. I can only think of comparable salads at Pitfire Pizza (but long lines), Mendocino Farms (too far), and . . . If you know of any others in the area let me know.

The only thing I’d change is that store-bought pita bread. It’s pretty unexciting and they should use a better carb.

Simply Salad
334 S. Main St. # 1101A (@ 4th/Main)
Los Angeles, CA 90013
phone: (213) 935-8048
fax: (213) 935-8208

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