Williams-Sonoma Holiday Giant Caramel Apple

15 Feb

In very untimely fashion I present the Williams-Sonoma Holiday Giant Caramel Apple, one of my favorite treats. At $25, it’s too expensive to buy for yourself. But it’s a great example of selfish giving to gift it in a situation you know you’ll be able to join in on the love.

WS’s description:

Our caramel apple begins with a magnificent extra-large Washington Fuji apple, a varietal prized for its juicy crispness and sweet flavor. Candymakers double-dip each apple in caramel that’s been simmered in copper kettles to rich, buttery creaminess. The apple is then cloaked in premium dark chocolate for an irresistible combination of contrasting flavors and textures. They’re available with or without a topping of crunchy chopped almonds

It weighs almost a pound and a half, and is about the size of a child’s head. The chocolate is thick and dark. The almonds are toasted and plentiful. And the apple is a genetic freak – I’ve never seen such a gigantic Fuji apple, and yet it’s still crunchy and sweet.

Surprisingly, this excess upon excess is not too much [irony acknowledged]. The chocolate is rich, but not very sweet. The caramel is great, and combines with the chocolate well. The nuts add great crunch and a more substantial, unsweet flavor. And the apple balances everything.

[note: I think these people actually make the apple.]

And here’s a recipe that tries to recreate it. I haven’t tried it yet.


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