Lemonade at LAX — Food Upgrades at LAX

28 Feb

Reports of the rebirth of food at our local mega-airport have not been exaggerated. LAX has been sagging age-wise, and not in a fun retro way. It’s food offerings have been quite terrible for all that time, with the highlight being McDonald’s in terminal 1 or Chili’s To Go. But LAX’s overlords have decreed that they will put in high-quality, local, successful eateries, including Pink’s, Campanile (I won’t be eating there), and Lemonade.

The design is your first tip-off that something new this way comes. It’s bright and airy and fun — the exact opposite of everything else in LAX. In the garish pastels of this Lemonade, you almost forget that you’re trapped at the airport. The layout is also perfect, as the highbrow cafeteria style is what Lemonade has been doing for years on the mainland. There is a premade sides section, you can order sandwiches, and of course there is the desserts case with the biggest macarons on earth.

I was there for breakfast, so I got a yogurt from their yogurt bar. $5.50 got me some Greek yogurt, some great homemade granola, and some braised cinnamon apples. For the airport, the price is not bad and quality is way better than most other places.

And, hey, you can get a giant macaron!

Also in terminal 5 (Delta) is Skewers by Morimoto, a fast Japanese concept by the Iron Chef.



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