Chego Erratum – Staying in West LA

1 Mar

I had previously posted that Chego is moving to Chinatown, but I was wrong. I took the opportunity to hit up the Chego truck and learned that Roy Choi’s fusion bibimbap place is growing into two. The Palms branch will remain, which makes sense as Roy uses it as a prep zone for his fleet of Kogi trucks. No word on when the Chinatown branch will rise.

The new Chego truck is still great. Same takeout station, new funky bottle opener.

The food is the same — still great!

This is the Sour Cream Henhouse, which is the same and still awesome. Only complaint is the egg was a little overdone, but oh well.

Also tried the newish Bee Hive Brussels Sprouts. It was really delicious. Typical of Roy, it was a mishmash of a dozen ingredients, so it’s hard to pick out what was in it. There was an interesting yogurt sauce maybe sweetened with honey (?).

I was there at 6:30 and only saw 6 or so other people. Looks like this “temporary” closure has been rough on the business. Let’s hope the business makes it through this rough patch.
Fooddouche’s first review of Chego

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