Tender Greens – Refreshed in Culver City

13 Mar

Tender Greens in Culver City has been closed for renovations for the past couple months and recently reopened with a surprisingly modest facelift. The menu is largely the same, with the notable addition of a side kale salad (it’s alright, not earthshaking).

Tender Greens is an interesting counterpoint to LYFE Kitchen. LYFE Kitchen is corporate, celebrity fueled, sprawling, and ridiculously ambitious. And the value proposition kind of sucks. TG, on the other hand, is a local chainlet that is simple — fresh produce and proteins prepared simply to highlight their essence. No advertising, no gimmicks. You’ve never heard of any of the people involved and you probably have no idea that there are almost 10 of these, including branches in San Diego and San Francisco.

To put it simply, TG is the kind of place you see all over the Bay Area; LYFE is the kind of place that seems so LA (even though it is really a Chicago chain).

Anyways, enough of ranting about LYFE.

TG revamped the cooking area just a bit. New chairs, new light fixtures, new bench seating against the wall. It’s kind of underwhelming.

But at least the food is still awesome.




One Response to “Tender Greens – Refreshed in Culver City”

  1. Christina March 14, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    Thanks for noticing our refresh, and calling our food awesome. Since this was the original location, our look has evolved and changed since 2006. Much of the refresh and upgrades were done to the back kitchen area and upstairs where we used to have our office. More space and room for our team and the food we cook. Thanks for coming in and your post!
    – Tender Greens team

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