Cognoscenti Coffee – Finally, Coffeedouches in Culver City

17 Apr

Culver City, for all the hype about its culinary renaissance, has not had a real coffeedouche place*. Cognoscenti Coffee steps into that void in the Arts District, near Father’s Office and Coolhaus.

Located underneath Clive Wilkinson Architects (who is the landlord), Cognoscenti is designed and owned by an architect. It shows, the design is simple but beautiful. That geometric pattern on the back wall — designed by the owner.

Here’s the courtyard on the way to the bathroom.

They carry quite a few fancy coffee producers: Sightglass, Ritual, Heart, and Wrecking Ball. Mostly done as pour-over, using an interesting pivoting hot water dispenser. They also have some pre-made, like at Handsome Coffee. Pastries are bought every day from Proof Bakery.

I had a a Guatemala from Sightglass ($4) and a pain au chocolat ($4). Coffee was really well-made, complex and rich without being overwhelming.

The croissant was amazing, super flaky with Valrhona chocolate. The guy said they had the only wholesale account from Proof. I think the Handsome guys used to, but they’ve since switched to Bread Lounge. In any case, the important thing is that they are bringing in Proof pastries and cookies every day so they are always fresh. That they are not passing the savings onto you is not the point.


* I realize Akasha and Scoops Westside serve Intelligentsia coffee. They do a fine job but are not quite at this level of coffeedoucheness.

Cognoscenti Coffee
6114 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
Hours: Monday – Saturday 8-5pm


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