Chego East – Good News: Nothing’s Changed!

10 May

My tears have finally dried from the closing of Chego West. Good to his word, Roy Choi has moved everything east to the Far East Plaza in Chinatown and got up and running quick. This picture shows probably the biggest change (other than location): picnic tables and outdoor seating.

There is still a small area inside to eat. And when I say small, I mean small. This makes old Chego seem like a spacious place. There’s counter seating for maybe 10 people, a soda machine, and an ordering stand. That’s it.

But they moved everything east with them. Same little fridge with drinks, same take-out and utensil station, same numbers on stands for orders. They even redid the mural of Chego letters.

But most importantly, the food is exactly the same. No changes to the menu, same prices, everything. I got the chubby pork belly bowl, which was just as awesome as old Chego.

Oh, Chego, as Shania says, you’re still the one.


If you haven’t visited the website in a while, they just did a redesign which is worth a look. They have an animation of how a chubby pork belly bowl is made step by step. It’s pretty great and highlights just how many flavors are involved.

Also, Chego’s site says that they will be offering delivery to a limited area. No details yet, but they said it should happen in a few weeks.

Chego East
727 North Broadway, #117
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Open 11AM-11PM Tuesday-Sunday (Mondays OFF)
p: (323) 380 8680

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