New Anatolia Mediterranean Cafe

22 May

New Anatolia is a year-old Turkish invader in the strip of Persian restaurants known as Tehrangeles. Serving doner, iskender kebabs, and flatbread, New Anatolia brings authentic Turkish cuisine to LA.

Here’s the doner wrap, freshly sliced doner, tomatoes, raw red onion, and tzatziki on a toasted lavash.

This was good but not great. The doner was a bit dry, although flavorful. It kind of reminded me of beef jerky – obviously not that dry, but the spice on it had something similar in taste.

The rest of the sandwich was a bit plain. I wish there were more stuff in it. There’s a lot of meat, a lot of lavash, but not much of the rest. I’d especially like more tzatziki. Of course, I’ll admit maybe my expectations are skewed by the European style doner from Spitz.

New Anatolia has garnered a lot of praise as one of the few Turkish options in LA. Next time, I’ll try their vegetarian sampler and maybe the iskender. I can’t say I’m won over yet, but there was enough there to warrant a second look.

New Anatolia Mediterranean Cafe
1942 Westwood Blvd.

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