Starbucks Pastry Erratum – La Boulange Is Looking Good

6 Aug

I think I’m ready to admit I was wrong.. I happened to be back at Starbucks this weekend and tried three more La Boulange pastries. Not incredible, but they are actually pretty good.

Above is the asiago cheese pretzel. It’s a real pretzel with a nice smooth crust and chewiness throughout. The asiago is actually pretty flavorful.

Let’s be clear: this is not as good as Rockenwagener. All this stuff is baked earlier in an off-site bakery and reheated in store. The theme here is don’t expect a great pastry, expect good enough.

The ham and cheese croissant. Actually flaky pastry! Incredible! And the filling was good enough.

And the pumpkin cream cheese loaf. A moist little snack, it has a nice bit of tang from the cream cheese.

My conclusion until further research is that Starbucks has done well with this La Boulange acquisition. The pastries are not a terrible liability anymore. They might even sway me to choose Starbucks over a different chain, like Peet’s or Coffee Bean.

It looks like my first impression was wrong because I happened to choose the one stinker in the lot (the morning bun).

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