Threads Cafe – A Cheaper Lunch Than Suehiro?

30 Aug

Suehiro is famous for having one of the most ridiculous lunch bargains in town — about $4 for a small bento lunch. It’s not great, but it’s $4 so what are you complaining about? Threads is a cafe on the outskirts of Little Tokyo which is offering a tiny menu of simple things for reasonable prices, including a perfectly serviceable veggie wrap for $3.75. It’s a small lunch, but for less than $4 what are you complaining about?

Saying Threads is in Little Tokyo is true in fact but only half in spirit. It is on the corner of 3rd and San Pedro, which means that it faces the Union Church on one side and a solid block of head shops on the other.

Threads is owned by a fashion designer, as is apparent from the design touches around the shop and the racks of shirts for sale. Threads also functions as a screw printing business, so if you want to design t-shirts, you can do so while ordering coffee.


Threads is a very simple cafe. There are a couple comfortable couches and some tables and chairs outside. I don’t think they have a real kitchen — maybe a hot plate and microwave in the back. Even the coffee drinks are made in the back. The pastries are pre-packaged.

That sounds like a recipe for disaster, so why am I recommending this place?


It’s about straightforward, simple, and cheap. Don’t expect anything great here, but the food is pretty healthful and a few things are not bad. So it’s pretty good to hit this place as a default option every day, rather than some of the nearby options, like tonkatsu ramen or gigantic sandwiches at Mike’s Deli or Sandwich Smith.

This is the $3.75 veggie wrap. Avocado, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, tomato, and greenleaf lettuce. Nothing fancy, but totally fine. This is done on the spinach wrap; they also do it on a tomato wrap sometimes too. It’s surprisingly tasty, and you feel like it’s a portion between large snack and small meal. Perfect for a light lunch.

This is the breakfast sandwich. It’s not great. First off, there’s no cheese, which is kind of the point. The egg is probably microwaved. But it’s only $2.50. You can get it with a cup of coffee for $3.50, which is what you want to spend on an everyday basis. As much as I like JiST Cafe, no one wants to spend $15 on breakfast every day.

Anyways, give Threads a try if it is convenient and you have low expectations. The coffee is kind of terrible, admittedly, but it’s dirt cheap. They’re also super nice, so you just kind of want to root for them to make it. And if you hate the food, at least you can buy a t-shirt.

Threads Cafe
269 S San Pedro St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

One Response to “Threads Cafe – A Cheaper Lunch Than Suehiro?”

  1. coolandcaffeinated May 29, 2014 at 2:13 am #

    interesting mix of coffee shop and clothing shop. i have never seen that combination.

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