JiST Cafe Update – Apparently, I Was Punk’d

12 Sep

I hate to kick the little guy while he’s down, but I paid $10 for what should have been a $4 side salad at JiST Cafe. I like the nice people who run this place. I have had a couple decent meals, even if I think they should cut their huge portions and charge a little less.

But this was ridiculous.

This was the Grandma H.’s Chopped Salad. I was charged $10 for the full (menu says it is $9). Here are ALL the ingredients:

  • chopped greens, mostly Romaine, with a bit of kale, arugula, and spring greens mix
  • canned beans (garbanzo, black, and kidney)
  • lemon herb dressing

That’s it. Bagged salad, canned beans (hardly any), and a light vinaigrette (hardly any). Seriously, it felt like an afterthought salad, the kind you get in a bento compartment, not an entree salad. I have a hard time understanding how someone could put together this salad and think, Yup, that’s a chopped salad. Yup, someone should pay me $10 for that.

Anyways, I’m not banning JiST from Fooddouche lunch. But I will never order a salad from them (I’ve tried two of their four salads).


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