Grey Block Pizza – Salad Pizza Sounds Like a Monstrosity But Is Surprisingly Good

15 Oct

The idea of salad pizza seems like it’s missing a comma. It seems like a stupid thing to just throw a side salad on top of a perfectly good slice. But what is the secret sauce that has had Westsiders coming to this Frankenpizza for years?

This new looking pizza joint on Sepulveda has actually been here for a while as Abbot’s Pizza, the home of the bagel crust pizza. This 3 outlet mini-chain suffered a falling out among its owners and one of them remodeled this location and the Santa Monica location as Grey Block. The menu is still the same — same bagel crust, and same salad pizza, their most famous creation.

By the way, the case on the right has the veggie slice options, including the salad pizza. The case on the left has the meat options. The salad pizza is $4.75 per slice. The others are $2.95 for cheese to $3.95 for specialty slices.

The slices are huge. Like Costco food court pizza huge.

You can see the name is no joke. That is a perfectly good side salad. It’s basically spring mix, diced tomatoes, feta cheese, lemon vinaigrette, and avocado. I’d be perfectly happy eating it on the side of a protein.

But why would I want it on top of my pizza?

Ah, the genius of this pizza is not having some nasty red sauce to contend with, but sour cream! You have to shift your expectations to understand this is a pizza in shape only. Really it’s a giant open-face bagel with cream cheese (sour cream is easier to spread, which is I assume why they use it), with a side salad thrown on top.

You might say, that’s still stupid. I’ve never had a bagel and thought it would be improved by putting a salad on it. And with good reason. For the one failing of this pizza is the inevitable wilting the greens will do. I got my slice when it was pretty recently made, but if a slice sits for an hour I think the wilting will be sad.

But strangely the flavors really work on this thing. The crust really does taste like a bagel. It’s chewy and crispy in a way a real pizza crust never could be. The sour cream really stands in well for cream cheese. And the feta and lemon combine with the salty crust and the vegetal goodness of the salad to make for a tasty, well-balanced meal.


I should note the service was rude-teenager. That doesn’t tend to bother me, but I thought I would mention it in case you thought from the (real!) Emeco Navy chairs and blown glass pendant lights that this was a nice place. The cashier was still trying to pick up on the girls who had just finished paying as I was trying to place my order.

The other thing is that the kitchen is surprisingly huge. You can see the giant Hobart mixer in the back and the huge deck ovens. There are stacks of delivery boxes, so you know you can order a monster size salad pizza to be delivered to your home. It runs close to $30.

Grey Block Pizza
4410 Sepulveda Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90230


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