Bento Man Is Here — Isn’t What Little Tokyo Needs a Place That Makes Bentos?

25 Oct

Little Tokyo has been deprived for decades of the one thing its traditionally Japanese clientele has craved . . . Japanese food for lunch. What a cruel twist of fate that in a place famous for sushi bars, Karaoke, and handmade mochi would not contain a single lacquered wood compartmentalized box that could hold rice, teriyaki, and/or tempura.

Well, wipe away those tears, Little Tokyo, because Bento Man is coming.


1) Bento Man is open.
2) Uh, this is embarrassing. I didn’t notice that this is taking the place of La Chicken. So, no more Lexus chicken. Hopefully, these bentos will taste like Lexus.
3) interior pictures below

No details yet, but you can check out their Yelp page to see what people think of the Koreatown branch. The new one is on 1st and San Pedro, near Mike’s Deli and La Chicken, making this an interesting cluster of cheap eats.

I’d say set your expectation phasers on low.

Here’s a sign they have up. Any translators out there?

And for your amusement, here’s a picture of the gallery of rogues outside the Marukai market nearby. It’s such a mom-and-pop little market — who would want to steal from them?


Same cramped interior, but now in green!




One Response to “Bento Man Is Here — Isn’t What Little Tokyo Needs a Place That Makes Bentos?”

  1. ballroom dancer October 28, 2013 at 12:25 am #

    I use to live and work near the first Bento Man on Western and it almost always looked closed. There was activity but it was so un-attractive that I was never motivated to stop until several years ago on a cold rainy day I felt like Udon. Gas prices were the highest that I remembered and thought of driving to Little Tokyo was enough for me to consider the El Pollo Loco or, dread, the Carl’s Jr across and down the block. I fell back on the logic that has failed me countless times before, they have been in business a long long time so how bad could they be.

    My first impression was good, the place was very clean and I recognized almost everything on the menu. Setting myself up for a disappointment I order what I was in the mood for, Udon. It was much better than I expected, the broth was tasty and noodles were the right texture and the blend of flavors was perfect except for my personal preference the dried seaweed. When ordering the first time I allow the chef to create a dish the way he or she would like. If I customize it I deprive myself of a new experience that I may want to return to. I will write more about asking for changes on another blog.

    I have since moved out of the area but when I am in the mood I make the drive to Western for my favorites his California Roll and or Tonkatsu without curry.

    I have not yet tried the Little Tokyo location but I do not expect to be disappointed because I recognize the owner at the cash register.

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