Almost Last Call for the Spice Table

6 Nov

It’s not done yet, but it is now certain that Bryant Ng is closing the doors on the Spice Table and moving west. if you’ve been putting off trying some of the best and most innovative Southeast Asian flavors in the city, hustle, son. They’ll be closed by early 2014. The date is unclear, but I wouldn’t count on waiting until January.

In talking to Bryant, the new place in Santa Monica will be open at some point in 2014 (sounds like not until summer at least). He is still looking for a relocation spot for the Spice Table, but that probably won’t come together for a while — probably not in 2014. The new place on the Westside will NOT be the Spice Table, although a few of the recipes may make the trek west (as will general manager, Leah). So, don’t take a chance on missing out on his incredible beef rendeng or kaya toast forever.

One thing that is certain is that any future iterations won’t have the charm and love of this place. The beautiful weathered brick cannot be replicated in a new SaMo place — although I guess the birdcages can be moved.

But I did suggest to Bryant a dish that would bring together his Mozza and Spice Table roots: pig tail pizza. You heard it here first.

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The Spice Table
114 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles 90012

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