MB Post – An Amazing Brunch with Maybe the Best Fried Chicken in LA

11 Dec

It’s old news now that David LeFevre has activated a formerly terrible are to eat (Manhattan Beach) with MB Post and most recently with Fishing with Dynamite. What had been an area full of chain restaurants and tourist traps has been gentrified with one of the tastiest new restaurants in years.

They’ve done a great job bringing a faux-restored look to the former Manhattan Beach post office. A lot of current design trends bring a fake feeling of authenticity, even when they are anachronistic. Whatever. It’s really a beautiful space, even if there is no view of the ocean. You still get a bit of salt air, as you’re only a couple hundred feet from the water (even if you’re wedged between a Subway and a Chase bank).

Blurry photo aside, the space is large and airy, although the acoustics are such that it is loud in there during dinner.

I’m not sure all readings of “Post-Bangin’ Brunch” are intended.

Anyways, on to the food.

Bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits served with a side of maple butter. Holy cow. These things are incredible. A killer app and one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten in a while. The combo of cheese and carbs and a perfectly balanced maple butter and a bit of scallions makes this decadent but balanced.

I included a second picture because it was so good we ordered another plate of the biscuits.

The french toast is served stuffed with ricotta cheese and ample fruit and pistachios and whipped cream. The ricotta was a great touch, making the dish taste especially rich.

The Jidori fried chicken was another killer app. Crispy, honey-glazed crust and incredibly moist inside. It’s served with a side of kohlrabi slaw that is seasoned with a light vinaigrette. It’s addictive. If LeFevre served this on a decent roll, it would be the best Bakesale Betty knockoff sandwich in LA. As it is, I tried a few bites in the biscuits and it was incredible.


And another killer app: the pecan sticky bun. Served in a cast iron plate, it’s meant to evoke a simple dessert cooked over a campfire. The idea of the dish is simple, but it is perfectly executed. The bun is light and warm. The brown sugar syrup is really sweet, maybe too sweet, but is delicious and perfect for the dish. With the pecans, it’s a straightforward combo, but simply delicious.

You’ll need a cup of coffee to wash it down, since it is really sweet. But worth it.

We also got the caprese sandwich served on a pretzel roll and housemade potato chips. The cheese is burrata, so it is a gooey sandwich. Again, really delicious.

Overall, MB Post is a serious contender for best brunch in LA. Everything we had was great, and a number of the dishes were truly outstanding. We’ve been back to have the fried chicken and the biscuits a number of times and they always stand out as amazing.

Dinner is also really good and features an interesting range of flavors — Thai curry over mussels, some Chinese vegetable dishes, raw fish preparations. But I still think of this place as a brunch place. Maybe a few more dinners will change my mind.

M.B. Post
1142 Manhattan Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA
(310) 545-5405

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