LAX International Terminal — Impressively Redesigned with LA Flavor

27 Mar


The big upgrade to LAX is the concourse at the international terminal. What’s actually interesting is that they chose to highlight local LA restaurants, rather than just putting glossy new ubiquitous brands. Honestly, they did a great job, selecting real LA places that should appeal to people visiting, as well as locals passing through.

You couldn’t pick a better sandwich place than ink.sack for this kind of thing. I wasn’t a huge fan of ink.sack on my first visit, but I recognize that it is a great way to show off the new LA culinary culture to visitors. Hip, urban, Top Chef-famous, and embracing bold flavors. It’s a brand name before it blows up into a brand name. And it’s delicious.


I decided to give it another try, and the bahn mi was pretty good. Not worth slogging through traffic to West Hollywood, but definitely a great choice when waiting for your international flight.



There’s also a Vino Volo if you want a glass of brand-name wine.


And coming soon (maybe already open) a Petrossian Caviar and Champagne Bar, for people who can’t wait to to get out of an airport to indulge in douchebag dining.


For some reason, this knock-off Apple Store is there. I can’t imagine “iStore” isn’t a copyright violation.


There’s also an Umami Burger, an 800 Degrees pizza place, and some version of Milliken and Feniger’s Border Grill.  These are legitimate LA brands that really show off the city well. Elsewhere in the terminal is(was?) a Pink’s Hot Dog stand, and there are rumors that Roy Choi may land a Kogi taco stand.

Considering how behind the times and awful LAX is generally, the vision of the planners behind this upgrade must be applauded. Great job, faceless bureaucrats! Now, would it kill you to do something to Terminal 1?

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