Stumptown Coffee in DTLA – Third Wave Coffee Slouching Towards Bethlehem

29 May

In light of the recent news that Blue Bottle is going to open up at least four sites in LA, let’s celebrate the third wave coffee titan that has already started to take over LA, Portland’s Stumptown Coffee. The Arts District roastery and shop is situated near Bestia and Bread Lounge, forming an emerging power center in LA’s culinary landscape.

They’ve done a beautiful job taking over an older building on Santa Fe. Although the sitting space is pretty small, they have devoted a lot of space to roasting operations, as this space serves as the roaster and distribution center for all of southwestern America.

Stumptown makes beautiful coffee, light and bright, often rich with fruit flavor. They do most of their coffee as direct trade, of course, but were doing it before most.


Despite being close to the perfectly adequate Bread Lounge, they took a chance on a new place with no storefront, Sharon Wang’s Sugarbloom Bakery. These are some of the most interesting pastries in the city.

Here’s the fascinating miso butterscotch cookie, one of the cleverest non-Momofuku cookies ever.

And the kimchi spam croissant.



Oh, and they should be given credit for having probably the cheapest cup of great coffee in LA. They have a self-service urn that you can get a cup for $2.25.

Like G&B and a growing chorus of better coffeedouche places, they batch brew the drip coffee. I still like the ceremony of pourover and siphon coffee, but I have to admit they still make a great cup of coffee. Better than what I can make on my own.

Stumptown Coffee LA
806 S Santa Fe
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Tel 213-337-0936

Here’s a beautiful look at the place:
Life & Thyme


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