Lardo – Portland – A Best Sandwich Candidate

24 Jul

On my first trip to PDX, I fell in love with Bunk Sandwiches, so I told my companions for this trip that we had to go there. We didn’t make it. Because we first ran into Lardo.

Like Pok Pok and many of the restaurants dominating the PDX scene, Lardo started as a food cart. In any other city, Lardo would stand out as innovative, but in Portlandia it is just a very good example of what everybody is doing. Farm to table, locally-sourced, focus on pork, and Asian-inflected by a white chef.

This is Portland cliche. But what a delicious cliche.


Handmade chips, of course, and quite a bargain at $2.


The Korean pork shoulder sandwich. In a trip full of delicious stuff, this sandwich stood out. In fact, on our second trip to Lardo I got the same sandwich instead of trying something else to report on. My lack of journalistic ambition is due to how awesome this sandwich is.

White guy making kimchee sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it works with the chile mayo and the braised pork. Rounding out the awesome is a fantastic sandwich roll from local favorite, Phillippe’s Bread.


For science, I will try to remember to do a side by side taste-off of Lardo and Bunk on a future PDX trip.

3 locations in PDX, including
(503) 234-7786

One Response to “Lardo – Portland – A Best Sandwich Candidate”

  1. Out For Lunch August 5, 2014 at 2:14 pm #

    Looks awesome. We reviewed Lardo too, I’d love to go back! Review is here if you fancy a read:

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