Guisados update — new menu items

12 Sep

The opening of Guisados DTLA, the third outpost of Armando de la Torre’s best-in-class taco shop, is a good occasion to revisit and try a couple new things. On the left, a formerly secret menu item: chorizo quesadilla. On the right, beef mole. And a new drink!

The new tacos are great, but. The chorizo is good, but it is overwhelming to the perfection of the Guisados quesadilla. I couldn’t taste the cheese or the creamy sauce, which reduces the quesadilla part to just texture. I would rather just keep ordering the quesadilla.

The new mole, on the menu for now as a special, is great. Spicier than the Guisados chicken mole I love so much. It’s a little sharper. Side by side, I still prefer the chicken mole, but I liked having both to compare and contrast.

And here is a sweet innovation: the classic Guisados horchata, already one of my favorite drinks, with a shot of Stumptown cold brew. If you haven’t had SCB, it’s already quite sweet and creamed up — true Coffeedouches complain that it’s halfway to a frappucino, a sellout move by Stumptown. I take no position on that debate since I don’t really drink iced coffee. All I know is that coffee + horchata = brilliant + delicious.

Be warned, it’s a bit expensivo. The SCB shot is an additional $2 on top of the cost of the horchata. So, my large was $5. Worth it, but “the more you know.”

541 S. Spring St. (in the Spring Arcade)
Los Angeles 90013

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