Clark Street Bread — Is LA Becoming a Bread Town?

13 Apr

I don’t know what it is. For a town where nobody eats carbs, all of a sudden there are a few legit bakers plying their trade. I’ve written about Bakeshack, a farmers market operation that has been selling great loaves for a couple years. Now the Grand Central Market has these Clark Street Bread folks selling their Tartine knockoff loaves. Is all of LA having a cheat day?

If you’ve had the bread at Ludo’s place, Trois Mec, then you’ve had CSB. Guy started out making it out of his apartment, so until recently the supply has been very limited. But he’s got real digs at the GCM now, although he still sells out a lot.

It’s a classic sourdough in the Tartine mold. In fact, when I bought the loaf I asked him how similar it was to Chad Robertson’s famous loaves. He was a little sheepish about it. At least he didn’t straight up deny the link, like the Bakeshack people did.

Anyways, it’s a great loaf, chewy with a solid crust and just tart enough. It makes you feel great about being so fat.

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