Some Random Wines Worth Noting

15 Apr

After a bit of a hiatus, I am drinking through a backlog of some of my favorite wines from some of my favorite wineries. Starting off with a wonderful Syrah from the well-regarded Hudson Vineyard made by Neyers. 

I also got a great deal from an Internet site on three of the last single-vineyard pinots made by Roessler. These are some great examples of the late-Roessler’s value proposition of top-flight juice at somewhat reasonable prices. Clos Pepe for less than you’d get buying straight from Clos Pepe!

This Laughing Pig Rose from BTF is probably my favorite rose right now. And the Great Oak pinot from Joseph Swan is a good example of a wild Sonoma pinot.

And the Pinot from Ledson. Too expensive, but still one of my favorites with its jamminess and depth. The tasting experience at Ledson is a little over the top, but worthwhile if you’re not too snooty to have a 22 year old pour you wine.

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