Snociety — When Did Everyone Decide They Liked Poke?

4 Jun

Apparently everyone had a meeting over the last few months and decided that Hawaiian poke is the best thing ever. Little Tokyo got the memo and Snociety is set to debut soon.

Not much is known about the new place yet. What appears to be true:

1) They will have poke (marinated raw fish),

2) They will have Hawaiian shave ice (didn’t we think this was going to take off in LA a few years back and it didn’t?),

3) They picked a super obscure location between the world’s emptiest vintage clothing shop (Raggedy Threads) and a watch repair shop.

Some other fun facts about this location. It’s on Azusa Street, which was the location of the Azusa Street Revival, which birthed the Christian Pentecostal movement. Religious pilgrims come to this alley to commemorate this spiritual heritage, but the original building where that happened is long gone.

The alley has also been been designated the Frances K. Hashimoto Plaza in honor of the founder of the Mikawaya mochi shop (of ice cream mochi fame). The shop is still in the Japanese Village mall 200 feet away.

330 E. 2nd St.

LA 90012

** UPDATE: I’ve tried it a few times now. It’s good. They have poke bowls with your choice of white and brown rice and seaweed and salad. The fish is pretty good: tuna, salmon, scallops, tofu, and even a limited special of lobster (it’s obviously a lot more expensive).

My only complaint is the overly complicated ordering. Every order take minutes and the customer chooses a seemingly never ending number of options. It’s too much. Let me just say, “Give me the #4.”

I haven’t tried the snow ice yet. But I’ll report back.


One Response to “Snociety — When Did Everyone Decide They Liked Poke?”

  1. lzwong July 10, 2015 at 2:42 am #

    Snociety is finally open and you should definitely check it out. It actually has not only poke bowl items, but also ice drinks like milk and green teas with unique flavors and they eventually plan on rolling in snow fluff, not hawaiian ice.

    Check it out:

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