Bar 9 Collective — A New Roaster in Culver City

26 Dec


Culver City, considering its reputation as a food destination, has been relatively weak in good coffee. Cognoscenti is awesome. Akasha and Rockenwagner serve Stumptown. Scoops Westside pours Intelligentsia. But the only real roaster in town has been the Coffee Conservatory, an older place near Sony.

Bar 9 opened a couple years ago to make sure that hipsters who got lost and wandered into the Westside would have somewhere to get coffee.

Bar 9 is pretty great. Probat roaster, a big airy space, a patio space with some wood crates to sit on (a la Gjelina Takeaway). They feature the Modbar system, which is a fancy plumbing system that hides the hot water and espresso stuff under the counter. The coffee is pretty good, with a light touch.


The guys working behind the counter are pretty nice, glad to talk about the coffee or the Modbar, and also fine with just shutting up and serving you a cup of coffee. 

I didn’t take pictures of it, but there is some seating around the bar and a couple large community tables in the back. Lots of people were parked there with laptops writing their screenplays.


They have a small menu of snacks, including avocado toast and some baked goods from Larder. This big chocolate chip cookie was $4, I think, but pretty great.


One last note: no air conditioning, so be warned on summer days.

Bar 9 
3515 Helms Ave
Culver City, CA, 90232
7-6 Mon-Fri
8-6 Sat + Sun


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